From: Perry E. Metzger <>
Date: 25 Dec 1998 12:32:06 -0500 (Harvey J. Stein) writes:
> I'm perfectly happy with the GPL. You might find something like the
> LGPL more useful if you want to allow proprietary commercial
> applications to link against some sort of libstk. The reason I like
> the GPL better than, for example, BSD style licenses is precisely
> because it prevents the software from becoming proprietary.

The reason I like BSD copyrights is *precisely* because I like the
fact that people can take my software and use it in embedded
processors and such. It pleases me to know that a little of the
software I wrote for NetBSD is in every NCOS based NC out there, that
there are millions of machines running my code, that there are
satellites and elevator controllers with my code in it. If I choose to
make commercial use of my own code someday, I can. Its great.

> We had a very close call with X11 becoming closed which would have
> been entirely avoided if it were under the GPL.

It wasn't remotely close. The XFree people branched immediately, and
the OSF folks (or whatever they were called that week) were forced
into defeat.

No one can take away already released BSD licensed code. People can
just refuse to give you their contributions. Well, screw 'em, we make
our own improvements, and they're better.

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