Re: C structs and STk FFI (and Copyright problems ...)

From: Christopher Oliver <>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 18:03:10 -0500

On Fri, Dec 25, 1998 at 12:20:08PM +0100, Erick Gallesio wrote:
> BTW, I have decided to delete the clause about commercial applications
> in the STk copyright. As I have already said here (and in a lot of
> private mails), this clause was just for "counting" commercial
> applications and I always given permission to use STk in commercial
> products to people which have asked for.

While I think that removing the legal requirement is a good thing
since this may attract new users from business, I would like to
suggest that you still solicit notice. I don't know if STk hack-
ing needs justification at Nice, but I think that having a list
of satisfied users will help those making a case for Scheme as a
development language elsewhere. I'm thinking about something in
the vein of the DDD users list, which while completely voluntary,
makes clear that DDD has many fans in high places.

Christopher Oliver, Traverse Internet,
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