STk 3.99.4 Release

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 21:37:03 +0100 (CET)

A new release of STk is available from kaolin in
I have placed also a copy on metalab/sunsite; so it should be near you
very soon too.

Mains changes/modifications since 3.99.3 are:

        * Works on Windows too (need some more testing, since this is
        far form perfect). (No binaryyet, I will place a binary on
        kaolin tomorrow).

        * A console mode (which is used by default on Windows, but can
          be used with the -console option on Unix)

        * A new editor with Scheme fontification and indentation
        * New kind of ports: virtual ports
        * All the code dealing with files has been rewritten.
        * As usual, some bug corrections

As said before, the main change is the Windows port. For the people
bored with the classical xterm input of for those who are jealous
of their Windows colleagues with their fancy interfaces :->. You can
try to launch stk with the "-console" argument. For sure it doesn't
replace a well configured emacs environment, but it is really faster
to load.

This version is probably the last one before the real STk4.0 which
should be out before the end of month (I have a Scheme course to do,
and it should be on Windows :-<) . What it lacks to be called 4.0 is
the documentation of the new features and some Win32 debug. Since I'm
not using actively Win32 platform, any help on the Win32 platform
would be GREATLY appreciated.

                -- Erick
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