Re: STk win32 version binary.

From: Stacy Marsella <marsella_at_ISI.EDU>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 16:47:55 -0800

I thought people might like an update on my experiences using the Win32 version
of STk-3.99.4.

Basically the problem I am having is that menus do not seem to work. Whether
using the console's menu or the menus in my application, I got back an error
msg that states that a tk-command is being invoked with a non-existant option,

I tracked down where the bug occurs in the menu.stk file -
(define (Tk:menu-button-button-up w)
  (let ((tearoff (or (eqv? (os-kind) 'Unix)
                     (string=? (tk-get (tk-get w menu) :type) "tearoff"))))

As a quick hack i just placed a colon in front of menu in the (tk-get w menu)

(define (Tk:menu-button-button-up w)
  (let ((tearoff (or (eqv? (os-kind) 'Unix)
            (string=? (tk-get (tk-get w :menu) :type) "tearoff"))))

I am sure that the above has side-effects but menus do seem to work now a bit
But submenus (cascading menus) don't seem to work still.

Maybe that info helps

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