Cascade Menus under Win95

From: Stacy Marsella <marsella_at_ISI.EDU>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:54:02 -0800

Does anyone have an idea as to why cascaded menus, as part of a make-menubar
command don't seem to work under Windows but do work under Solaris.

For example, the following does not work under Win95 but does under Solaris.
Under Solaris the "Type1" menu entry has an arrow indicating it is a cascade
and the cascade submenu comes up appropriately when the mouse is over "Type1".
Under win95 neither the arrow appears nor does the submenu come up.

Any suggestions, clues?



(load "Tk-classes")

(define *tl* (make <Toplevel> :title "CyberWar XXI Simulator Demo"))
(define *top* (make <Frame> :parent *tl*)) ; also groove
((Id *top*) 'configure :relief "ridge" :borderwidth 4 )
(pack *top*)
(define *menu*
      ("Type1" ( ("Location" ,(lambda () (display "location")))
                 ("Time" ,(lambda () (display "time") ) ) ) )
     ("QuitLST" ("quititem" ,(lambda () (exit))))

(pack *menu*)
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