Re: pcre and stk

From: Harvey J. Stein <>
Date: 25 Feb 1999 11:45:39 +0200

Brian Denheyer <> writes:

> I did some pretty crude test of performance to see if there is any
> difference between the tcl (Henry Spencer) regexp package and the pcre
> package.
> I didn't do anything fancy but I used several strings of which some
> match and some fail. The regular expression wasn't too complicated
> but I incorporated grouping and characters sets.
> When all is said and done, over a large number of trials the pcre
> package appears to be 2x faster than the curent regexp package.

What do you mean "current regexp package"? Do you mean Henry
Spencer's latest code or the version of Spencer's code included with
STk (which is an older version). Spencer's latest code is quite
slow, but the version used in STk (& in TCL up until recently, I
guess) is pretty fast.

Harvey J. Stein
BFM Financial Research
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