Re: How many Schemes from Nice?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 15:29:55 +0100 (CET)

Thomas Buerger writes:
> In news://comp.os.linux.announce there was an announcement for OpenScheme from
> "Erian Concepts", a Scheme Programming environment "similar" to STk (GUI,
> CLOS,...) and it comes also from Nice in France. Seems to be a very "schemish"
> town (STk, Bigloo, OpenScheme)?
> My Questions: Is there any relation between the developement of OpenScheme and
> STk - a common root of developement or a concept to become compatible one day?
> Has someone experienced the quality of OpenScheme in comparison to STk?

No, there is no real connection between STk and OpenScheme. In Fact
the author of OpenScheme was a student of the University which worked
in the same laboratory that I'm belong to. He was a user of STk and
developed his tools using STk for his PhD. After that, he was taken by
the Scheme virus, and made his own implementation of Scheme (afaik he
boots first version of his compiler with STk).

I have not looked at his implementation since a while because it is a
closed (despite its name :-) implementation. So I don't know how much
both implementations looks like. Concerning Bigloo, the author was no
more at the university before Manuel arrives in our laboratory, so
it's probable that there is no much things shared between OpenScheme
and Bigloo (I suppose).

> Thomas
> PS: Perhaps I should spend my next holydays in Nice to become a bit "inspired"
> of the schemish atmosphere ;-)

Your welcome. Tell me if you come near Nice (a nice place to visit btw)

                -- Erick
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