initialization of slots

From: Brian Denheyer <>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 14:36:54 -0800 (PST)

I am wondering if there is a way to initialize a slot through the
execution of a procedure. For example,

(define-class <foo> ()
((slot :accessor slot
       :init-keyword :slot)))

Let's say I want to initialize slot with some data structure like a
list, but I want the object to take the list and turn it into a hash

(make <foo> :slot '(some sort of a-list))

So when the object is initialized I want to run a routine on the list
which will then install a hash-table equivalent of the list.

What I have been doing is establishing a "data slot" and then using a
virtual slot to control access :

(define-class <foo> ()
((data-slot :accessor data-slot)
 (slot :accessor slot
       :init-keyword :slot
       :allocation :virtual
       :slot-getter (lambda (self) ...)
       :slot-setter (lambda (self obj)
                    (if data-slot is not initialized
                     do some complicated intialization using obj
                     and set data-slot)))))

It seems to me that this is not the "right" way to do this. Any
suggestion on a better way ?

The approach I thought would be most elegant is if there is a keyword
just like :initform with an associated procedure which operates on the
object used to initialize the slot, the results of that procedure is
then stored in the slot.


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