Re: STk-3.99.4 on Win32.

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:19:45 +0100 (CET)

Paul Anderson writes:
> I have encountered a number of problems with Stk-3.99.4 on Win32.
> They seem to be mostly fairly easy to fix, and I have started
> doing so. Does anyone else have a list of outstanding Win32 problems?
> I also have a couple of minor fixes on the Unix side regarding
> make install.libs.
> Do you have a schedule for releasing 4.0? If it's not too
> soon I could try and get these to you by then.

Yes I HAD one, but t is a long time that it is expired ;-)
Since, I will not package a new version for now because I'm too busy
(and I have learn from the past it is better to wait a quiet period
for releasing).

If you have some patch to provide, I would be glad to integrate them
for the next release.

Thanks by advance.

> Paul.
> P.S. Also, I have ported the process module to Win32. I'll pass
> that on too.

That's really a good news. I suppose that you are really too modest
here and what you call a port is rather a complete rewrite since the
semantic of processes seems very different between those OS's.
I suppose that a lot of Win32 user will be happy to use your code.
Thanks again.

                -- Erick
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