STklos anomaly?

From: <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 17:14:29 -0500 (CDT)

  Hello all. Am I doing something wrong here? This is for version
  3.99.4. It seems to be somewhat random. The first three or four
  slots are usually fine - after that, the accessor does not seem
  to exist.

(define-class <partner> ()
  ((foxbase-code :accessor foxbase-code :init-keyword :foxbase-code :initform ""
   (edi-code :accessor edi-code :init-keyword :edi-code :initform "")
   (van :accessor van :init-keyword :van :initform "")
   (interval :accessor interval :init-keyword :interal :initform 1440)
   (spool-out :accessor spool-out :init-keyword :spool-out :initform "")
   (spool-in :accessor spool-in :init-keyword :spool-in :initform "")
   (adf :accessor adf :init-keyword :adf :initform "")))

STk> (define foo (make <partner>))
STk> foo
#[<partner> 497600]
STk> (van foo)
STk> (adf foo)

*** Error:
unbound variable: adf
STk> (slot-ref foo 'adf)

  The version I compiled on Linux appears to be fine, this version
  I compiled on SCO.

  Thanks in advance for any ideas at all that you might have.

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