Re: STklos anomaly? Help!

From: <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 11:51:49 -0500 (CDT)

  I'm replying to my own message here. I am still unable
  to resolve this bug.

  Given this class definition:

(define-class foo ()
  ((a :accessor a :init-keyword :a :initform #f)
   (b :accessor b :init-keyword :b :initform #f)
   (c :accessor c :init-keyword :c :initform #f)
   (d :accessor d :init-keyword :d :initform #f)
   (e :accessor e :init-keyword :e :initform #f)
   (f :accessor f :init-keyword :f :initform #f)
   (g :accessor g :init-keyword :g :initform #f)))

  Look at this STk interaction:

STk> (define x (make foo))
STk> (a x)
STk> (b x)
STk> (c x)
STk> (d x)
STk> (e x)
STk> (f x)

*** Error:
unbound variable: f
STk> (g x)

*** Error:
unbound variable: g

STk> (describe x)
#[foo 492c8c] is an instance of class foo
Slots are:
     a = #f
     b = #f
     c = #f
     d = #f
     e = #f
     f = #f
     g = #f

STk> (slot-ref x 'f)

  As you can see, the slots exist but there are only accessors
  for the first 5 slots! Help is desperately needed. I have been
  trying to sell people here on the benefits of Scheme and this
  is the first real project here using STk.

  If I can't resolve the problem by the end of the day I will have
  to rewrite the code in PERL (Arghh!).

  Any and all ideas are appreciated.

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