Re: more pre-4.0 requests

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 17:56:06 +0200 (CEST)

Jonathan Berry writes:
> I have a couple of additional requests for changes before 4.0 comes out.
> The first concerns the VC build.
> * 3.1.1 used to create a libstk.lib and to include an install script that
> put libraries and include files into place. Unfortunately, 3.99.4
> doesn't do this anymore, putting a new burden on the stk library
> programmer. Would you please re-introduce the library and more
> extensive install script?

I have added the copy of the libraries (i.e. Win32libs/libgmp.lib
Win32libs/libtcl.lib Win32libs/libtk.lib) to the <installdir>\MS-Win32
directory. The necessary headers are now placed in in the
<installdir>\Include directory.

> * tk-glue.c declares a variable called "new." The code would be more C++
> friendly if the variable were named "_new."

I have corrected this (and the same problem which also occurs in hash.c)
> p.s. I wonder now that Tcl/Tk is being compiled by gnuwin whether anybody
> has compiled STk for Windows using that?

I have done that a long time ago. To be completely honest, I have not
finished the job (but I had an executable), because I wanted at this
time to use the DOS console for stdin/stdout and not rewrite one my own
console. Finally I have decided to used Visual C for (I thought)
   1) easing the porting of Tk by mimicking the job already done by
the Tk crew,
   2) to use the standard development tools of Windows.

Finally point 1 was a miss and point 2 was a mess!

                -- Erick
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