input/output port?

From: Grant Edwards <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 13:16:51 -0500

I decided to ignore the baud rate problem for now, and prompty ran
into two other problems:

  1) After opening "COM1:" as an input file, reading from the
     resulting port hangs STk.

  2) Under Unix, I can open "/dev/ttyS0" twice: once as an input file
     and once as an output file. That way I have an output-port to
     which I write commands, and an input-port from which I read the

     Under Win32, the second open of "COM1:" fails.

It's beginning to look like serial ports under Win32 are hopelessly
broken (at least from the point of view of somebody who's been using
Unix for 15 years).

I might have to try Perl/Tk for Win32. I think there is a module
that's supposed to make the serial ports work. I'd write something
like that for Win32 STk, but I've never written any Windows software
before; I don't have any development tools for Windows (except for
STk); I don't have predictable access to a Windows machine; and...

 Windows Sucks.

Grant Edwards
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