event following popup menu lost

From: Kaveh Kardan <kaveh_at_squareusa.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:19:40 -1000


I am creating a popup menu which is invoked using the right mouse button
over a canvas widget.

The problem I am having is that the mouse click following the popdown of
the menu is not getting through to the canvas. The second click does,

Has anyone encountered anything like this?

Here is how I create the popup:

  (let ((popup-menu (make <menu>
                          :tear-off #f
                          :background *canvas-color*
                          :foreground "blue"
                          :activebackground "blue"
                          :activeforeground *canvas-color*
                          :disabledforeground "gray75"
                          :relief "solid"
                          :borderwidth 1)))

    (define (add-menu-command label command)
      ((Id popup-menu) 'add 'command :label label :command command
                       :background *canvas-color*
                       :foreground "blue"
                       :activebackground "blue"
                       :activeforeground *canvas-color*))

    (add-menu-command "Echo"
                      (lambda () ...)

And to invoke it:

  (bind self "<ButtonPress-3>"
        (lambda (|X| |Y|)
          (Tk:popup (Id (slot-ref self 'popup-menu-id)) |X| |Y| 0)))



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