Re: occasional checking process is alive

From: Sarah Calvo <>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 19:00:03 +0000 wrote:
> What I would like to do is every-so-often check to see if the
> process is still alive (pressumbably using (process-alive?
> *process-num*)). If it is not then do some action (such as
> (my-popup "Job terminated")). It would be good if I could check
> the exit status of the program and I could change the popup
> message appropriately. I'm guessing I need some sort of (after
> ..) or (tkwait ..) thing - but I don't see how to do it...

I didn't try this code, but something like this should do the trick...

(define (check-alive p)
  (after 1000
         (lambda ()
           (if (process-alive? p)
               ;; process is alive, so schedule the next wait
               (check-alive p)
               ;; else process is not alive
               (if (equal? (process-exit-status p) 0)
                    (my-popup "A-OK")
                    (my-popup "Something's wrong")


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