Different load behavior of error stuff under 4.0.1

From: Stacy Marsella <marsella_at_ISI.EDU>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 13:15:52 -0700

I seem to have missed some change notification in going from 3.99.4
to 4.0.1. It appears that when I load a file in 4.0.1 from the command line:
   stk someschemefile.scm

stk:report-error is not defined. Any error whther during read or after the
read causes another error:

    unbound variable: stk:report-error

This problem happens even if the error occurs after successfully reading the

But if I start stk without a file, then report-error gets bound.

Perhaps this has something to do with changes made in init.stk as to when the
autoload of the graphical error stuff is done (tk-set-error-handler stuff)?

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