Re: Is anybody working on SRFI-4 implementation?

From: Grant Edwards <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:44:49 -0500

> > I have written an STk extension of uniform float vector before,
> > and am thinking to extend it to conform SRFI-4 (homogeneous
> > numeric vector types). It wouln't take long.
> > If somebody is working on it, however, I'd like to avoid
> > duplicates but to cooperate together.
> AFAIK nobody works on it. I'll greatly appreciate if you could help on
> its implementation. If you want I can make the necessary modifications
> of the reader (even if I don't like the ambiguities that it brings).

I once added a float-vector type when I was processing hundreds of
vectors each with a thousand values. The standard vectors filled with
float objects took up so much memory that the whole system sort of
collapsed. It was very minimal, I supported indexing into the vector
and converting to/from a normal vector -- that was all. It didn't
support any notation for textual representations, or any other nice

It was enough of an improvement to make the application run, though.

Grant Edwards
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