Re: stk 4.0.1 win32

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 19:28:17 +0100 (CET)

Mayer Goldberg writes:
> Hello:
> Some questions from a total beginner to stk:
> - Other than the ~/.stkvars that's created automatically and which shouldn't be
> modified by the user, how can I set up an init file for stk?

When STk is initialized it tries to load a file in your home directory
(i.e. in the same directory than the one where the .stkvars
resides). This file is called ~/.stkrc

> - How can I control the height and width of the main (initial) console from an
> initialization file (i.e. without having to resize it manually).

I must admit that I have not seen the widget size problems much since
it seems that people on Unix tend to have pretty big
resolutions. However, resolutions such as 800x600 seems not rare on
Win32 ;-<. Someone told me that the help window of STk is even larger
than the screen with Win32 standard fonts!

For now, you can do the following. Add a line such as

    (option 'add "STk*Text.Height" 10)

in the ~/.stkrc file to have a console with a 10 line heigth for
instance. It should work.

The problem is that all your text widgets will now have a defaut
height of 10. I will add explicit classes for the various kind of
window displayed by STk so that you can have things like:

       (option 'add "*STkConsole*Text.Height" 10)
       (option 'add "*STkEdit*Text.Height" 12)
for instance.

Hope it helps

                -- Erick
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