Re: Read-line bug in STk 4.0.1 - missing control-Ms.

From: Ian Wild <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 09:56:21 +0100

Erick Gallesio wrote:
> This is not a bug but rather a feature ;-) This is not a DOS problem
> (this time ;-)) but something voluntary ...
> I have done that to get rid of "\r\n" which appears as soon as you
> use networks protocols (HTTP, FTP, ...). All these protocols generally
> impose that the server send you lines delimited la MS-DOS.

I'd assumed it was deliberate, but that you'd done it
to give a standard appearance to all text files, whatever
their provenance. I never thought of network protocols.

> At the time I have implemented it, I thought it was a great idea. But
> now, I 'm not so sure. Perhaps, we can have an option on read-line
> which tell if we want to keep on not the carriage return. Of course
> the default value would be to delete carriage return for compatibility
> reasons. What do you think of such an approach?

I think read-line is the WRONG place to do this - it should
be an option affecting the whole file once, not each
individual access to it. Have you considered an approach
like Tcl's [fconfigure]?
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