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Hereafter is a list of contributions for STk which have not yet (or will not if they are too large) been integrated in the core release.


IIC (Information in Context) is an interactive programming environment meant to be used for profiling and tracing functions, as well as for visualizing information about functions. IIC has both a graphical and a textual user interface. By integrating a profiling environment with a visualization system, IIC gives the programmer the power to dissect the internals of her program. In addition, IIC gives the programmer the power to control what data is gathered through the use of *scope* IIC makes it possible to evaluate the efficiency of functions and to easily identify bottlenecks. IIC can also be useful for debugging. IIC was written by Jen Mankoff (


is a mini file browser (in alpha stage for now). This is an old contrib, which probably don't work anymore with current version. Contibutor: Pascal Pensa <>


is a package to use Msql DBMS package from STk. Author: Albert (K. H. Pang) <>


is an extension to STk (tested with STk 2.2, and liable to be incompatible) which allows the association of callback functions with input ports and server sockets. Authors: Erik Ostrom and Dave Kormann {eostrom,dave} This package is no more necessary if you sue STk 3.1 or higher.


This package allow you to use CL-style lambda lists into STk. Authors: Ian Wild.


is another STk mode for Emacs (Xemacs and FSF). Contributor: Frederic Aime


is a environment diagramming package which draws environment diagrams as taught in Abelson and Sussman's _Structure and Interpretation of Computer Languages_. It was written as an instructional tool for the CS61A course at the University of California at Berkeley. The environment diagrammer is a metacircular evaluator which draws procedures, environments, and box and pointer diagrams along with all the accompanying symbols and mutation. It includes a box and pointer diagrammer which handles circular list structures, cons cell mutation, and also will watch for modification of any symbols known to be pointing to drawn cells. The author of this very neat package is Josh MacDonald <jmacd@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>


is a file selector written in STk by (Grant Edwards). This is a translation from a Tcl program


is a quick formatted output library. This contribution is due to Harvey J. Stein <>


Xxl is a graphical spreadsheet designed to be simple, easy to use and user friendly, with LaTeX and html output. Author: Vincent Granet.

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